Our tours

As experts in the tourism industry specialised in organising tours and facilitating travels within the Central Africa Sub-region, we realised there were very few companies that propose tours to Cameroon and the Central African Sub-region in particular. Cameroon Adventures and Tours therefore seeks to bright this gap. Implanted in Yaounde – Cameroon, we therefore propose two types of tours:

 1- Cameroon Tours:

We offer competitive, comprehensive and excellent ready-made and tailor-made tours within Cameroon of various themes such as ecotourism, sustainable tourism, wildlife safari, trophy hunting, landscape observations, culture and peoples, hiking and beach tourism.

2- Multi-Country Tours:

We organise Multi-country tours to Central African countries such as Chad, Congo, Central African Republic, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. Since Multi-country tours are often expensive, we encourage our clients to book them in groups so as to split the costs of some collective services between group members.