Our services

Our services

1- Cameroon Tours:

We offer competitive, comprehensive and excellent ready-made and tailor-made tours within Cameroon of various themes such as ecotourism, sustainable tourism, wildlife safari, trophy hunting, landscape observations, culture and peoples, hiking and beach tourism.

2- Multi-Country Tours:

We organise Multi-country tours to Central African countries such as Chad, Congo, Central African Republic, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. Since Multi-country tours are often expensive, we encourage our clients to book them in groups so as to split the costs of some collective services between group members.

3- Visa support, travel assistances and Letters of Invitation:

If you wish to travel to Cameroon for business, work, visits or any other motive, you can contact us for assistance in processing your arrival visas at the airports or other entry points of your choice. We shall prepare a Letter of Invitation (LOI) necessary for you to obtain a Cameroonian visa at your country of origin and get it signed by the competent authorities.

With your personal details and travel dates, we shall produce for you a letter of invitation and sign at the General Delegation of National Security. By law, for us to issue to you a letter of invitation, you are require to book either a day tour or book for a simple airport transfer from our company. Once you receive the letter of invitation from us, you will take it to your nearest embassy, along with your passport and required documents for processing.

The rest of the requirements such as flight tickets reservations, passport, hotel reservations and other documents required by embassies can easily be gathered with our guidance or on your own. Different embassies may require different documents. Please check with the embassy and select the type of documents you will need.


  • It is important to note that normal letters of invitation take up to 3 weeks on average to be signed by the authorities. However, there are no hard dates to this as we are not the government nor do we control them. It is best to start processing your visa documents as far in advance as possible.


  • We don’t render nor start any visa assistance services without payment. Payment is non-refundable and is made in advance only. We do not entertain any other arrangements without payments and there is no way for you to obtain our support/intervention for free.


  • If you commit visa fraud, you will be reported to the same channels, so please take the laws of Cameroon, Chad, CAR, DR of Congo, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea very seriously.


4- Car rental, Travel Insurance and Services Provider:

For the success of your displacements and trips within the cities and rural areas, we put at your disposal several vehicles adapted and equipped, based on the terrain and climate conditions. We hire our cars generally with professional drivers but without fuel.

Our professional drivers have many years of experience and are recruited selectively. We manage your itineraries with confidentiality and adapt them according to your needs.

Our tariffs vary depending on the rental duration and level of risk involved in your trajectory.

We also issue travel insurance for tourist who might need them.

For those seeking business opportunities in Cameroon, needs administrative appointments and errands, booking of appointments etc., we can assist you in all these upon payment of fees.