Grand Touristic North

The great Touristic Destinations of North Cameroon-Grand Touristic North


The Grand Touristic North or Great Touristic Destinations of North Cameroon belt regroups three administrative regions namely the Far North (Maroua), North (Garoua), and the Adamaowa (Ngaoundere) regions. This tourist region is full of many natural and cultural tourist attractions. It has a mixture of tribes including the Mundang, the Fulani Peuhls, the Guiziga, the Mandara, the Koma, the Toupouri, the Kapsikis, and the Mboum.

The majority of these tribes are of the Muslim faith. This tourist belt is the domain of the big parks of Cameroon such as Waza, Faro, Bouba Djidda, Kalamaloue, and the Benue. The region has the tropical type of climate which gives the parks the savannah vegetation with multiple aspects which favor the development of the largest fauna of the country. The relief of this zone is so beautiful. Thus, the tribes, fauna and beautiful relief of northern Cameroon have attributed to it enormous tourist potentials.

Main Touristic Destinations of North Cameroon

Among the many tourist sites in northern Cameroon , we can cite: