General sales conditions

Article 1: Intermediary for transport companies:

During the sales of Air tickets, for regular airliners or chartered flights, Cameroon Adventures and Tours shall act as representative of the air company.


Article 2: Transport titre as contract between customer and transport companies:

Cameroon Adventures and Tours shall be mandated to deliver one or more tickets to the customer for his/her entire trip at the responsibility of the transporter or transport company. In this case, the issued ticket(s) shall automatically constitute the contract entered between the client and the transport company.


Article 3: Submission of required legal documents to travel agent:

The final conclusion of all sales/contract, whether they are related to the organisation of trip or the sales of transport titres, requires that the client submits to Cameroon Adventures and Tours the appropriate documents that are required by Law in the country concerned.


Article 4: Contract is stipulated and concluded on a letter head paper of the travel company:

The concluding sales/contract between the Cameroon Adventures and Tours and the client, must be written and signed on a letter head paper of the company that clearly indicates the Full names of the company, its address and administrative authorisation to operate. Cameroon Adventures and Tours must therefore communicate to its consumer, all information related to the total price of his/her tour package, the dates of arrivals and departures, as well as the nature of the trip such as:


Article 5: Responsibility of the travel company:

Cameroon Adventures and Tours is responsible to provide all preliminary information to the customer and reserves the right to modify certain elements of the information. In such a case, Cameroon Adventures and Tours must clearly explain why there must be such modification(s) and what elements are to be modified.  Whatever be the case, such modification(s) must be transmitted to the customer in writing before the signing of the sales contract.


Article 6: Format of the final contract:

The final contract between Cameroon Adventures and Tours and the customer must be written down, produced in two copies and signed by both parties. One copy must be handed to the customer after signature and the final sales contract must content the following clauses:




Article 7: Transfer of contract:

The customer may transfer his contract to another person who fulfils similar conditions like him/her to undertake the trip so long as the trip has not yet started. But the decision to transfer the contract must be done in advance and must be made by writing and the transferee should ensure that Cameroon Adventures and Tours acknowledges reception of the transfer transaction. Such decisions must be made latest 7 days before the start of the trip or 15 days before the start of the trip, if it involves a cruise trip.


Article 8: Modalities of Price adjustment








Article 9: Conditions for cancellations








There shall be a total refund of the trip cost with the following deductions made;


In addition of the above three deductions (a), a fine worth 25% of the total trip cost shall also be deducted.

In addition of the above three deductions (a), a fine worth 50% of the total trip cost shall be deducted.

There shall a be fine worth 100% of the total trip cost.


Article 10: Accepted Currency of Payment

All our prices are quoted in Euros or in Francs CFA XAF, except otherwise indicated, and as such all payments and refunds are expected to be made in Euros or Francs CFA XAF. Cameroon Adventures and Tours is not responsible for currency fluctuations or government taxes that may occur from the date of your booking until a refund is made.


Article 11: Terms of payment (Dates and Methods of Payment)